Video Marketing Tips: Larry Beacham – Stonecold Millionaire

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larry beacham stone cold millionaire

The Stonecold Millionaire, Larry Beacham Shares Valuable Video Marketing Tips

It’s not often you can get a chance to spend some time with an absolutely phenomenal marketer.  I started following Larry Beacham (The Stonecold Millionaire) a number of months ago because of his massive success story.

Larry is one of the best at implementing video marketing to grow his business.

Knowing I would see Larry at the Live the Dream Event, I wanted to speak with him and steal some of his video marketing tips.

Of course, I wasn’t sure if he’d grant me the interview.

One of my favorite books says “Ask and ye shall receive.” (Matthew 7:7)

So, that’s exactly what I did.

Larry shares some great video marketing tips and if you don’t have a notepad in front of you, go grab one now.

Then push play…

Summary:  Video Marketing Tips from Larry Beacham are as follows:

1.  Utilize YouTube (the #1 video sharing site on the planet)

2.  Keep videos to 2.70-3.00 minutes to keep audience engaged

3.  Bottom 1/3 marketing – always have your website because your video may be syndicated.

4.  Be your natural self so people will receive you.

Thanks Larry!

More video marketing tips to come,

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